BIZTV Network the multi-ventured concern steps into the world of cinema with its debut DAM999. BizTV networks is the production house of this prestigious 'First 3D International movie by the mariners'.

BIZTV Network, the promoters of Marine BizTV, have access to the maritime industry that has the potential of one million decision makers. It remained as an untapped market for the entertainment industry till a few years ago. But now it has been noticed that many mariners are coming forward and making their moves to the limelight to experience the magic of Cinema.

Mr. Sohan Roy, the founder of BizTV Network, has revolutionized maritime experiences by endeavoring in the cinematic world of entertainment. BizTV Network is affiliated with RFC, the world's biggest film city complex. Ramoji Film City, being the one stop destination of Film makers has great potentials spread out for the budding movie makers.

With our tie up with RFC we intend to achieve the following objectives:
  • Encourage independent film makers to come forward with their dream projects
  • To make movies as per the international standards for the clients from the Maritime Industry utilizing the facilities at 'Ramoji Film City'
  • To provide cost effective and efficient professional service without affecting the quality
  • Familiarizing about procedures for proper insurance and strong legal support.
  • Unmatched support in promotions of the movie projects initiated through Biz TV Network.
  • Media exposure through Marine BizTV, the world's first global Maritime channel.
  • Streamlining and coordinating international events for the upcoming movie projects.

Company Info:
BizTV Network
P.O. Box No. 32429
Ras Al Khaimah