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  • 01

    After Oscars, DAM999 gets nominated in Golden Rooster Awards

    After the worldwide recognition and Academy Award selection in 2011, DAM999, the debut direction venture of Sohan Roy, now enjoys the double pleasure of being selected to Golden Rooster Awards, which is mostly referred to as China's Academy Awards. DAM999 is the very first film from India to be qualified for this prestigious award. (READ MORE)


    BizTV Network @ Cannes Film Festival 2012

    BizTV Network to present Saint Dracula 3D at Marche Du Film, the marketing wing of Festival De Cannes 2012, from May 16th to May 27th at Booth Number - 24.07, Palais 01. For meeting requests contact -

  • 03

    Global Music Awards for DAM999

    Sohan Roy honored with the Award of Excellence for the the motion picture sound track of Dam 999.
    Mr.Roy is also been felicitated by the Global Music Awards in its award of merit for the original score.
    The songs of the movie are penned by Sohan Roy himself and are composed by Indian music director Ousephachan.


    DAM999 awaits your rating on IMDB

    IMDB ranks DAM999 among the top 5000 movies and its Director Sohan Roy as the most popular director in India during the periods of its release. Share your rating and Review on IMDB today
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    Please connect the Merchandize tab to Merchandize tab on DAM999 website


    DAM999 awaits your rating on IMDB

    IMDB ranks DAM999 among the top 5000 movies and its Director Sohan Roy as the most popular director in India during the periods of its release. Share your rating and Review on IMDB today
    Follow DAM999 on Facebook
    Please connect the Merchandize tab to Merchandize tab on DAM999 website

  • 05

    DAM999 running Successfully

    Being a movie that ends with a dam disaster, the entire nation is now alert about the aftermath of a man made disaster that can be avoided. Director states, “ The purpose of the movie was to create awareness about Dam disasters, which is now open to the entire world. I am glad the audience have taken up the right initiative to help the entire country and save millions of lives. This is a great achievement for me & my entire crew!”


    DAM999 Onscreens from Today

    The makers of DAM999 has confirmed the movie would be released in Middle East from 24th of Nov & India on the 25th of Nov. The state of Tamil Nadu, India has declared a ban on its release in the entire state fearing its impact on the Audience. Baseless allegation were made against the Director Sohan Roy & the production house with many external forces attempting to deny the Audience this epic.

  • 07

    DAM999 Press Meets

    DAM999 release press meets were carried out in numerous locations including Dubai & major cities of India. Though the press carried out with great excitement from its attendees in various gatherings, the Chennai press meet alone was forcelfully cancelled due to violent protests from political groups.


    DAM999 screenplay to Oscar library

    Director Sohan Roy Shares his excitement on receiving the request from Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for a copy of DAM999 screenplay to add to Oscar Library. The scripts in their collection are made accessible for research purposes only students, filmmakers, writers and actors are among our regular patrons who refer to them. (READ MORE)

  • 09

    Watched the Music Videos of DAM999 yet?

    Director Sohan Roy has officially released the vibrant music videos of DAM999 3D. ”To start off videos of the ‘Theme song’ and the soundtrack ‘Everyday’ is now open to all apart from the musical melodies of DAM999 that will be distributed by Times Music group in India.(READ MORE)


    DAM999 Premiere at Los Angeles..

    Director Sohan Roy & BizTV Network has confirmed the screening DAM999 in 2D at the ‘Laemmle theatre’, Los Angeles,California from 28th of Oct to the 3rd of Nov 2011. The movie would be of single show everyday at 1pm, the total running time would be 110mins. DAM999 would be present at AFM 2011 for the grand screening of Saint Dracula 3D, the second production of BizTV Network. (READ MORE)

  • 11

    Esteemed collaboration for DAM999

    ‘DAM999 – The Novel’ will be published by Indra Publishing House and will hit the market very soon. This literary presentation of the 3D movie was penned by its award winning director Sohan Roy. He states, ‘I believe the novel would reach the audience a little earlier than the scheduled worldwide release of the movie’.(READ MORE)


    Saint Dracula concluded its filming

    Saint Dracula yet another movie by BizTV Network concluded its filming. "Saint Dracula portrays a different dimension of Dracula, who holds a hero figure in the nation of Romania and is christened as a saint in the Orthodox congregation of the nation”, said Sohan Roy, the executive producer and project designer of Saint Dracula.

  • 13

    DAM999 release dates declared.

    BizTV Network has declared the release date of its much awaited 3D movie ‘DAM999’ as 4th of November 2011 in India.The 2D trailer was initially screened at all cinemas in India along with Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows 2.Director Sohan Roy has also mentioned about the trailer being screened with upcoming 3D movies of 2011 including Final Destination 5. All the three movies are distributed by Warner Bros. India ….(READ MORE)


    Warner Bros and DAM999

    Warner Bros. shows the new extended theatrical trailer of DAM999 in 2D all over India along with the screening of the latest Sequel of Harry Potter released on the 15th of July 2011. This theatrical trailer would be published online very soon, follow on Facebook to get notified first.

  • 15

    DAM999 recognized at Cannes Film Festival 2011

    All lights film magazine, the exclusive festival media shared an exclusive coverage of DAM999 at Cannes Film festival 2011. Watch Full video on Youtube


    Documentary bags awards at ‘LAMA’ 2011

    ‘DAMs – The Lethal Water Bombs’, the curtain raiser to DAM999, was entitled 3 awards at the prestigious LA Movie Awards 2011 - ‘Excellence’, ‘Best Editing’ & ‘Best Visual Effects’. With these awards, the documentary has got yet another golden feather to add to its crown after the 'LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood Spring 2011’

  • 17

    HFA 2011 - DAM999 in the list of finalists

    DAM999 Script written by Sohan Roy makes it to official finalist of the 2011 Screenplay competition, Honolulu Film Awards 2011.


    Cannes Film Festival 2011

    BizTV Network will be conducting 2 Market screening at Marche Du Film 2011 and the Stall number for DAM999 would be G 28, Riviera.For Meeting enquiries and Screener details contact

  • 19

    Dam Documentary grabs Awards

    Documentary Video 'Dams- The Lethal Water Bombs' , curtain riser to DAM999 wins the Award for the Best Documentary Short at Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood. This video is expected to be available online very soon.


    Hong Kong Film Mart 2011

    After EFM 2011, the makers of DAM999 have decided to head for the next annual international Film market to be held in Asia, popularly known as Hong Kong Film Mart. The event would be during 21st March to 24th March this year. Stay tuned for more updates.

  • 21

    DAM999 to Head for EFM 2011

    Director Sohan Roy has assured the presence of DAM999 at EFM 2011. BizTV Network would officially present DAM999 at suite no- 119 in Marriott.This major annual event in Berlin is popularly known as European Film Market and Berlin Film Festival is an event that takes place simultaneously. read more


    DAM999- A True Story?

    BizTV Network released a documentary revealing the hidden facts about obsolete and outdated dams across the globe. The video shares the statistical data of Mullaperiyar dam, an outdated mega structure located in the southern part of India. The video highlights the fear of millions people while rest of the globe still remains unaware that outdated Dams are the deadliest 'Water Bombs'.